The Serenity Aesthetics Academy (in partnership with The Academy of Face Design)  

Harley street, London & Leeds

Botox and Filler Training Course Leeds 

The Serenity Aesthetics Academy operates with a core principle: we believe in really empowering our students and each course we teach aims to give you the means to achieve a high level of confidence. We begin by ensuring that anatomy is a strong underpinning for all of our aesthetic medicine courses. With training by industry experts, we ensure that the quality of our education shines through. Our courses also include comprehensive hands-on experience, to ensure that you feel confident throughout any of the different disciplines we teach and competent to apply the skills you have been taught in your own practice.

Our theoretical training also involves a more interactive and dynamic style of learning than the more common lecture-based experience. With only a small number of students per tutor per course, we know that learning is enhanced and that individuals feel more comfortable.